Welcome to the ElectrumX-Dime Documentation!

ElectrumX-Dime is a fork of spesmilo/electrumx. ElectrumX-Dime allows users to run their own ElectrumX-Dime server. It connects to your full node and indexes the blockchain, allowing efficient querying of history of arbitrary addresses. The server can be exposed publicly, and joined to the public network of servers via peer discovery.

The current version of ElectrumX-Dime is 1.0.

Source Code

The project is hosted on GitHub.

Please submit an issue on the bug tracker if you have found a bug or have a suggestion to improve the server.

Authors and License

Neil Booth wrote the majority of the original code; see Authors for additional credits. Python version >= 3.8 is required.

The code is released under the MIT License.

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